Here you can see some of the projects I have been working on at Napier University, Edinburgh. I will try and keep this site updated so when there are new projects they will appear here. The projects listed below are from my 3. year studies of Electronic and Computer Engineering. Hold the mouse over the black pill-look-alike and the link to the report should appear. Note this site requires macromedia flash player and is optimized for Internet Explorer.

I have created a page for my honours project, the Golf Scorecard Logger. Click here to get to the site.

Active Filter Design
  This project was based on designing and investigate an active low-pass filter from some given specifications. We have in this group chosen to do this by examin two different types of architectures. The circuits have been simulated, build in practical and compared to see their different responses. Submission date: 26. Nov. 2004.  



Analogue Filters Design and Simulation
  This project was about designing a 4th. order low-pass filter with the use of the Sallen and Key architecture. The filter is designed and simulated as an ideal and non-ideal filter, and E12 values are used for the non-ideal filter, so its possible to build the circuit in real life. Submission date: 3. Dec. 2004.  



Gray Code Generator and Decoder
  This project illustrates the design of a Gray Code Generator and Decoder. The project is made as an simulation project and not build for practical use. The Gray Code Generator and Decoder are first designed and simulated separately, which afterwards reaches a final simulation of the complete generator and decoder circuit. Submission date: 3. Dec. 2004  



Cascode Amplifier Design
  The design of and Cascode Amplifier was an individual assignment, to design and simulate and high frequency amplifier. The assignment is split up into parts which ends up with a tuned amplifier circuit. Components are calculated and simulations indicates the response of the amplifier. Submission date: 10. Dec. 2004.  



Data Logger
This was the main project of my module, also the most interesting. The project is to design and simulate a Data Logger using the TINA simulation software. The Data Logger must memorize a analogue signal and then present it at a display. The circuits are designed individually in blocks and then assembled to a complete system. Submission date: 14. Jan. 2005.



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